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Our team creates tailored chess solutions for your needs all around the world, whether it is a one-time event, training or corporate program. Chess Club Dubai offers a variety of chess activities and is open to new ideas for integration

We host events in the most unexpected places and the most innovative modern spaces around the world.
From chess professionals to set designers, we work with a pool of talent across a variety of different mediums
If you would like to host your next event with us or become partner at a Chess Club Dubai event, please get in touch
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Our mission is the popularization of chess in the Middle East, Asia and all around the world.

This is to popularize chess in the UAE and the Middle East and North Africa. We want everyone to think of chess as a stylish intellectual high class hobby — such as golf, yachting or learning of rare languages.


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We are always looking to strengthen the Chess Club Dubai community, through our team, freelancers and partners.
You will work as part of our international team in which a culture of respect, the growth and development of each person and love for chess is embedded.
Always happy to meet and work with new people. Apply to our existing job opportunities below or send us your CV to let us know why you would be a great fit.
With any questions about Chess Club Dubai, please email support at hello@chessclub.ae.
You can also check Chess Club Dubai Q&A (question and answer)
— we update them on a daily basis and you will probably find most of the answers there.

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